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Top Five Reasons to Retire to an RV

If you often find yourself daydreaming of what it would be like to quit your job, hop in an RV and spend the rest of your days exploring, sunbathing, and pike driving into tranquility, you’re not alone. Recreation vehicles are a multi-billion-dollar industry, raking in more than $50 billion in 2015. So many Americans are drawn to the alternative lifestyle, in fact, that more RV’s are manufactured in the United States than in the entire world combined, and with the facts all in, it’s easy to conclude why. But, if you need reasons, here are your top five:

1. Where You Go, it Goes

Sometimes we love material items so much that we want to put them in our pocket and take them wherever we go. While RV’s won’t shrink on demand, they will be your travel companion wherever you venture out. Having a place to cook, eat and sleep comfortably every night no matter where you go is such a wonderful benefit that many make the switch based on this alone. RV’s can grant you the great gift of mobility that so many find missing in their lifestyle.

2. Simple Economics

If financial gain appeals to you, consider getting an RV. They can really help you cut costs and moderate your bills, especially if you are able to effectively manage food expenditures. Here’s just a few things you can save money on by making the switch: property taxes, parking, rent, flights, appliances, hotels, cottage rentals, lawn and pool care, excessive possessions, furniture and so much more.

3. Relaxation Station

Living in an RV can be an escape from the stress of everyday life, a chance to reconnect with nature, the opportunity to live out your best retirement dreams, or a combination of all of the above. Being secluded to an RV offers a sense of privacy that’s difficult to find in many living situations. Here, you can live directly in the nature you used to pay to vacation to.

4. Quality of Life

Being RV free is a hidden blessing when it comes to spiritual, physical and mental health benefits. Staying on campgrounds, far from the hustle-and-bustle of pre-RV life, allows for increased everyday physical activity, a relaxed state of mind, and a chance to get in touch with what drives you. Many have found that visiting friends and relatives becomes easier, social lives quickly improve, and overall happiness can increase dramatically.

5. All Your Friends are Doing It

People undeniably love RV living. How many people? The Recreation Vehicle Industry estimates 10,000-20,000 people are living in RV’s for an extended time. This can be directly attributed to the strong, kind, and community-centered culture that some campgrounds offer. Nestled in the Florida Everglades, Seminole Big Cypress RV Resort & Campground boasts exceptional reviews. Visitors from all over the U.S. praise their hospitality, cleanliness and wholehearted sense of family. It seems most would agree that RV’s have redefined living in more ways than just five!


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