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Top 3 Reasons to Visit the Everglades in the Fall

South Florida is known for abundant sunshine all year long. While our winter season is very popular with retirees and vacationers from the north, it is also very crowded.  Fall happens to be a wonderful season to visit the Big Cypress Reservation and the Florida Everglades.  Noticeable changes in the air and color of the leaves, the seasonal changes in the Everglades mean variation in wildlife activity and water levels. There are some benefits of taking a Florida Everglades trip in the fall months, and here’s why:

1. The Weather

As the sunshine state, it’s no surprise that South Florida temperatures can get hot most of the year. However, fall in South Florida means temperatures drop a few degrees, making conditions in our Everglades setting a little more comfortable – especially for those who aren’t used to the heat like South Florida natives. The lower temperatures are usually accompanied by an enjoyable breeze that helps keep you cool and away from any pests while you’re out exploring the natural waters of the Everglades.

2. The Wildlife

Seasonal variations can affect the frequency in which certain animals are spotted. With cooler temperatures and lower water levels during the fall and winter months, visitors might have a better chance at spotting some of the Everglades most famous animals. The American alligator, for example, regularly sunbathes on the shores during these months to regulate its body temperature.

3. Smaller Crowds

As one of the most popular summertime attractions, South Florida experiences a major spike of visitors during the summer months. In fall, however, when kids are back in school and families are traveling less, visitors enjoy fewer crowds at Big Cypress Reservation and all that there is to do!


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