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Gretchen Wilson Headlines 2019 Seminole Tribal Fair & Pow Wow

The Seminole Tribe of Florida will host its 48th annual celebration of Native culture and arts on February 8-10, 2019 in Hollywood, Florida. The 2019 Seminole Tribal Fair & Pow Wow will be held at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino property in Hollywood. Events will be held in the Hard Rock Event Center. The event is free and open to the public. The three-day Native American festival is perfect for children and adults alike. There is something for everyone.

As one of Florida’s best kept event secrets, the 2019 Tribal Fair will be headlined by country music star Gretchen Wilson. Gretchen made her debut in March 2004 with the Grammy Award-winning single “Redneck Woman,” a number-one hit on the Billboard country charts. The song served as the lead-off single of her debut album, Here for the Party. She will perform on Sunday, February 10 at 3PM at the Hard Rock Event Center.

The annual event features three action-packed days of Native American competitions, alligator wrestling, wildlife shows. daily live music, exhibition dancing, Seminole arts & crafts, and so much more. Be sure not to miss the Native Reel Cinema, who will host a film festival that celebrate the art and culture of Native Americans through film and showcase that celebration to all.

What is a Pow Wow?

Pow Wows are the Native American people’s means of meeting together, to join in dancing, singing, visiting, renewing old friendships, and making new ones. This is a time-tested method to renew Native American culture and preserve the rich heritage of American Indians.

There are several different stories of how the powwow was started. Some believe that the War Dance Societies of the Ponca and other Southern Plains Tribes were the origin of the pow wow.

Another belief is that when the Native American tribes were forced onto reservations the government also forced them to have dances for the public to come and see. Before each dance they were led through the town in a parade, which is the beginning of the Grand Entry.

Drum & Dance Competition

The Tribal Fair will include Pow Wow dance competition open to all Native people across the Americas. The Pow Wow will feature a drum competition of northern and southern drums; a dance competition in northern traditional, southern straight, fancy, grass and chicken for the men; and, northern traditional, southern buckskin, fancy, jingle and northern/southern cloth combined for the women. There are also various age bracket competitions for both children and adults.

2019 Seminole Tribal Fair & Pow Wow Calendar

This 48th annual event is almost here and not to be missed. More information and updates can be found at the Seminole Tribal Fair & Pow Wow website.

Dates & Times Calendar



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