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Dry Season Offers Greater Access to Everglades Wildlife

Millions of people flock to South Florida each year, a few more at this time of year. While the beaches and golf courses are fantastic, many come to the Everglades to see the majesty of a subtropical ecosystem in action. Everyone wants to see an alligator (or 10). Many people ask, “when is the best time of year to see the Everglades.” The Seminole guides at Billie Swamp Safari will tell you, “there is never a bad time to visit the Everglades!” You see, The Everglades are 734 square miles big and nature and wildlife are in full swing 365 days a year. Essentially the Everglades has two seasons, and both offer great opportunities to connect with nature (and see a few gators).

Less Insects, More Animals

The Everglades has a dry season and a wet season. The dry season is from December to April, where the water levels and temperatures drop quite a bit. The wet season rounds out the remaining months of the year. These ecological changes bring about important changes to the landscape, but some insects, such as mosquitoes flies tend to reduce with less water vapor around. Since bugs are scarcer and wildlife is greater, the dry season is a perfect time to visit the Everglades to see some breathtaking animals in their natural environs.

Everyone Flies South for the Winter

International tourists are not the only ones who come to the Everglades during the dry season; birds and other wildlife spend their winter in the Everglades too. Large numbers of animals tend to collect around the remaining water spots, and birds fly south to the Everglades for nesting. An abundant number of “original” snowbirds make their way to the Everglades to escape the cold winter up north. As the dry months continue, animals of all kinds can be seen more frequently, especially alligators. You will have no problem spying these creatures during your airboat ride or swamp buggy tour. This is a direct result of the water level changes that naturally traps its wildlife at this time of year, making it easier to spot them. During the wet season, they are released and roam more freely.

An Everglades airboat tour or swamp buggy eco-tour during the Winter months offers a variety of wildlife under sunny skies and warm temperatures. Our trained guides will show you how nature has persevered in fashioning one of the world’s most intriguing environments.

Come and experience the wonders of the Florida Everglades and join us at Billie Swamp Safari. See fish, snakes, turtles, alligators and more in their natural setting.

About Florida Seminole Tourism (FST)

The Seminole Tribe of Florida is a federally recognized Indian Tribe. FST is a top Florida Everglades adventure, learning and camping destination. We share the excitement and wonder of the Florida Everglades to visitors from around the globe. Our award-winning Everglades attractions including Billie Swamp Safari, Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum, and Big Cypress RV Resort & Campground.


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