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Fishing the Florida Everglades

About one third of Everglades is comprised of water, making for solid fishing and small-craft boating and fishing.Snapper, trout, redfish, largemouth bass, and bluegill are found everywhere!

The Everglades is covered by thousands of mangroves and twisting waterways that are home to a wide variety of birds, alligators, mammals, and fish. Since the wetlands within Seminole Big Cypress Indian Reservation are home to so many interesting and endangered species, the Seminole Tribe of Florida works diligently to safeguard their existence.

What You Need to Know

The Florida Everglades is one of the top fishing spots in the world; which is rich in fish like snook, tarpon, snapper, and bass. The waters around Big Cypress are flourishing with fish of all shapes and sizes. Since the Seminoles have been fishing here for over 300 years, they might know a thing or two about fishing the Everglades. Here are some things you will need to know:

  • The fish in the Everglades are varied. There are 50 different species of freshwater fish, and about 300 in total.
  • In the northern part of the Everglades you will find fresh water. As you move south, you will find some saltwater. In the middle, it’s mixed.
  • During the winter dry season, the water levels shrink, which traps fish in congregated areas. This makes for easier fishing over the cooler six months of the years.
  • During the summer wet season, the water levels rise, making it easier for the fish spread out more.
  • Fish tend to be more aggressive in dense areas of the Everglades, so you’ll want to use heavier rods and tougher lines to lure these fish in.
  • The Everglades is a great spot to find large-mouth fish bass that respond well to large shiners and attractor beads.

These seasonal variations in the Florida Everglades makes it interesting for just about any skill-level of fisherman. We have something for everyone!

When All Else Fails, Just EnjoyBillie Swamp Safari

The natural splendor of the Everglades is something to behold all on its own. It is also something to be treasured and admired.  The bird life really peaks at this time of year through the early spring when birds are migrating south. The flora and fauna are nothing short of breathtaking, so make sure you have a camera in tow.  Alligators and crocodiles can be seen sunbathing throughout the year. You might even see the endangered Florida panther. One of the best ways to enjoy is to leave the driving to someone else. Check-in at Billie Swamp Safari and enjoy the twists and turns aboard an airboat over the river of grass. More leisurely guests can enjoy a swamp buggy eco-tour through the swamp.


About Florida Seminole Tourism (FST)

The Seminole Tribe of Florida is a federally recognized Indian Tribe. FST is a top Florida Everglades adventure, learning and camping destination. We share the excitement and wonder of the Florida Everglades to visitors from around the globe. Our award-winning Everglades attractions including Billie Swamp Safari, Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum, and Big Cypress RV Resort & Campground.


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